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When buying a home in the past, I know I personally wanted a Real Estate Agent who listened to my needs, my concerns and answered all of my questions. I wanted an Agent that understood that an empty house, if purchased, would soon be my family’s home, an Agent I could trust. After 25 years of working in the Information Technology industry, I have turned my impeccable customer service and detail orientated skill to Real Estate. I will be that Agent who listens to your needs, who answers all of your questions and who you can trust. I will be that Agent who will bring professionalism, honesty and integrity to each and every transaction. I will be that Agent who understands your very best interest.

Recent Testimonial

recently made the decision to sell my rental property. It desperately needed to be renovated before it could be placed on the market. Mark knew the perfect people to get the job done and pointed me in their direction. He visited my property many times while renovations where occurring to make
sure that things were being done correctly.

Mark listed my property as soon as the work was done at the highest competitive price. He did an excellent job marketing my it, placing videos that he made and pictures that he had taken by a professional photographer on many different social media sites. Consequently, we received and accepted full price offer only three days later.

Mark diligently saw the sale through to the end. He was extremely knowledgable and had a personable attitude which made him a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't think twice about contacting him for any of my future
reality needs as he has always goes above and beyond my expectations.

- Lindsey McCabe

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