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When buying a home in the past, I know I personally wanted a Real Estate Agent who listened to my needs, my concerns and answered all of my questions. I wanted an Agent that understood that an empty house, if purchased, would soon be my family’s home, an Agent I could trust. After 25 years of working in the Information Technology industry, I have turned my impeccable customer service and detail orientated skill to Real Estate. I will be that Agent who listens to your needs, who answers all of your questions and who you can trust. I will be that Agent who will bring professionalism, honesty and integrity to each and every transaction. I will be that Agent who understands your very best interest.

Recent Testimonial

Mark Meekins is the professional you need for any real estate transaction. Mark is the ultimate professional with many years experience in this volitatle market. We have utilzed the services of Mark Meekins to both purchase and rent homes. Top notch serivce is his specialty and most important we obtained the results we were looking for. I would highly recomend Mark for your next sale, purchase or rental of your home! Best Regards, Joe

- jciancio

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